Going through a divorce isn’t stopping Kim Kardashian from still believing in love. According to People, the reality star was spotted strolling through L.A. on Friday wearing a Peace Love World hoodie.  In addition to featuring a heart on the back, the hoodie read, “I am love,” and “Love is not something you are looking for, love is something you become!”

How do you keep faith in love in the midst of a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Keeping faith in love in the midst of a split is difficult, but possible.  Here are a few ways:

1. Keep an open mind: Understand that not all men are alike, and the reason it didn’t work out with your ex is because there is someone better out there for you.

2. Talk to family and friends: Speak with those you trust and see how they made their relationship work, as well as get advice on how to deal with your split.

3. Join support groups: Interact with others and see how they are or have overcome their split in order to fall in love again.

How did you keep faith in love during your split? Share your experiences below.