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By Lori Bizzoco

The race is on as couples scramble to find their partners the perfect holiday gift. I only met my husband a few years ago but we decided immediately to end the annual gift-exchange by going on vacation at the beginning of December. It’s now something we do traditionally each year. There are no odd-shaped boxes to wrap, or wrong sized shirts to return. A few stress-free days is the perfect recipe during the holiday chaos.

The one thing that I do worry about is my luggage and whether or not it will survive the distance.  This is based on an awful experience that took place during a recent business trip.  The zipper of my 27-inch suitcase broke and I had to secure the entire bag in masking tape to hold my belongings together. I have no interest in repeating that experience.  Not to mention, with two children under the age of three-years-old, durable products are critical.

If I had owned TravelPro Luggage, the same luggage used by pilots, stewardesses and experienced travelers, I would have felt more secure.  Now, everyone has the chance to win a Travelpro Rollaboard bag and The Grand Prize of 500,000 miles from the Delta SkyMiles program.

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