By Ché Blackwood

This weekend, step out of your comfort zone and learn something new by enrolling in a class with your partner.  With a little research you can easily find sites that connect you to local shops where you will learn to paint, make the perfect bottle of Merlot or write a romantic poem.  Whether you want to create a mouth watering sushi roll or bowl the perfect game, there are plenty of classes available for couples to experience together.

For a special gift, enroll your significant other (and yourself) in a class that aligns with their interests.  If they’ve been hinting at learning how to do the Downward Dog, search in your area for a yoga class or center.  If your partner’s favorite movie moment is Demi Moore’s pottery scene in Ghost, spend a few hours learning how to sculpt together and reenact the film.  If you create a fun moment where you can spend time while aligning your interests it will bring you closer together.

For the busier couple, review your planners and look for upcoming special events that could spark the desire for learning something new.  For example, if a wedding is approaching, take ballroom dancing lessons.  If a company dinner is on your agenda an etiquette or networking course could be fun to take with your significant other.  By combining your future obligations with an educational class, you’ll be ensuring that your hectic schedule is helping, and not hindering, your time together.

For the romantics among us, spend a warm night together in a cooking class.  Choose your favorite type of cuisine and spend a few hours drinking wine over an open flame.  If you’re the adventurous type, sign up with your sweetheart to get your private pilot’s license.  Just remember, if you do decide to pursue it, chances are you’ll be flying alone at some point so be sure it’s something you really want to do.

Have you taken an interesting class with someone special? Tell us about it in the comments below!