By Maggie Voelker

Ooo la la dinner and drinks, huh?  Time to play dress-up.  While you get to flaunt your chic style on this date, don’t forget it’s the first time you will be hanging out together so you don’t want to reveal too much.  Try a fitted black dress and cute cropped jacket with understated heels.  Throw on a pair of sunglasses, grab a clutch or cute bag and you’re ready to go!

Shoulder Bag |Mary Jane Heels |LBD | Blazer | Cat Eye Sunglasses

Belt | Dress Shirt | Khaki Pants | Jacket | Dress Shoes

Guys, put your best-dressed foot forward for this sophisticated outing.  Opt for a pair of dress pants, dress shirt and sport coat – no tie.  A sweater could be substituted for the jacket if that’s more your style.  Don’t forget the belt and above all, nice shoes – remember, girls love shoes.  It’s embedded in our DNA, we can’t help it.  Feed into our obsession and big bonus points will come your way!

Headed to the office holiday party?  These ensembles are perfect for a night with the coworkers too!