What’s one of the reasons we love the Beckhams?  They are family-oriented and are not afraid to be affectionate in public. RadarOnline reported that the two were hugging and laughing while at their son’s soccer game. When soccer star dad, David Beckham, wasn’t taking proud pictures and Victoria wasn’t giving baby Harper her undivided attention, the couple made sure to sneak in plenty of intimate moments.

What are some ways to keep the romance alive after you have kids?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Body contact: Intimacy is the key to keeping the flame between you and your partner lite. Hugging, holding hands, and rubbing his/her arm shows that you care and are sexually attracted to your partner, in a G rated kind of way.

2. Date night: Going out on a date once a week can be difficult when you have kids, but staying in can really be romantic. Turn your dining room into a restaurant or your bedroom into a spa for you and you partner to relax and enjoy each other.

3. Be thoughtful: Give your partner a gift, but have the kids be a part of it. Want to give her roses? Let the little ones pick it out, this way romance isn’t lost and neither is time spent with the kids.

How do you romance with your partner?