Tori Spelling’s brood has grown larger, reports Hattie Margaret, daughter of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, greeted the world on October 10th. With the new baby came many surprises.  “[We were] 110 percent sure we were having a boy,” said Spelling.  Despite the surprises, Spelling feels that her new baby has brought her closer to McDermott. “The baby wasn’t planned, but it obviously happened for a reason. Knowing we were bringing a third life into the world just enhanced our relationship. The moment I had her, I looked at Dean and fell in love with him all over again.”

How does having a baby bring you closer together as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

There’s no doubt that having a child can be overwhelming, but working together to raise your son or daughter can also be a bonding experience. Here’s why:

1. Challenge: Raising a child comes with obstacles. Tackling the challenges together will strengthen your relationship, especially when you’re successful.

2. New happiness: Children are entertaining, especially when they’re young. Your baby will bring even more happiness to your relationship.

3. Stress: Though rewarding, adjusting to life as a parent is difficult. However, the stress and hardships you encounter as a couple will ultimately strengthen your bond when you triumph over them.

Have you had a child that brought you and your partner closer together? Feel free to leave a comment below.