BRAVO’s The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti meets up with drag queen Frank (who sometimes impersonates Patti herself!) and gives him tips to be himself while dating, instead of the larger than life personality he sometimes embodies.  As a “celebrity”, Frank and Patti discuss the good and the bad about dating when you’re well known.  Going from too much personality to zero personality, Patti’s other client this week, Jason, is way too uptight and needs to loosen up to find a match.  Keltie, a body movement coach meets with Jason to help him relax.  Will he be able to take what he learns and apply it to dating, or will he leave all his new moves at the dance studio? Find out this Tuesday 11/8 @ 9/8c on BRAVO’s The Millionaire Matchmaker

Thinking Like a Drag Queen: Patti Stanger and her millionaire female impersonator are on the same page.

Pulling the Stick Out: Patti Stanger has this millionaire go to a dance class to find some personality.

Thinking Like a Drag Queen

Pulling the Stick Out