Cupid's Pulse Article: Hosting a Girl’s Night In Just Got a Lot Easier with Rustic Crust Pizza
This post is sponsored by American Flatbreads and Rustic Pizza.

By Lauren Kochendarfer

When the temperature starts to drop outside, nothing excites me more than getting together with my BFF’s for a Girls’ Night In!  But, given my hectic schedule (work, school, boyfriend), it’s hard to find time to prepare a meal for everyone.  Not to mention, the cost of hosting a party isn’t cheap.  So, when I was introduced to American Flatbread and Rustic Pizza, it alleviated a lot of the pressure.

American Flatbread is an all natural pizza that is crafted from scratch and par-baked in a wood-fired earthen oven.  It makes entertaining so easy.  All you do is bring it home and it’s ready in 7 minutes.  It tastes so good you could even fool your friends into thinking you’re a top chef by heating, slicing and serving these as bite-size appetizers while “wowing” your girlfriends in the process.

Rustic Crust is the ONLY ready-made pizza of it’s kind because it’s crusts can be stored naturally without refrigeration for several months.  It rains, it snows, the girls cancel-no worries.  The unopened packages will stay good on the shelf until you reschedule the party for a later date.  Rustic Crust has really mastered the art of pizza.  The ingredients are natural and nutritious and each bite is fully packed with rich flavor.   The best news is that it’s available in individual-size portions as well as organic and gluten-free.  For all the single ladies out there, don’t worry because it won’t leave you feeling guilty or bloated for that upcoming weekend date.

Both products are fast, convenient and provide a much healthier dinner option compared to take-out.  They’re also so easy to prepare and clean up that you’ll be able to spend more time catching up with your guests and doing the things you love.

So the next time you and your friends get together or your wondering what to make for dinner, make it delicious and stress free with American Flatbreads and Rustic Crust Pizza.