Quirky J. Crew President/Creative Director, Jenna Lyons, who made headlines last spring after appearing in a J.Crew ad painting her son’s toenails pink, is now fighting over custody and finances during a divorce from her husband of nine years, Vincent Mazeau.  With her $5 million yearly salary and coveted townhouse in Brooklyn, it’s no wonder finances are such an issue in this split.  According to People, Lyons is currently seeing Courtney Crangi, who runs the business side of her brother, Philip Crangi’s, jewelry line.

What are some ways to compromise on finances and custody during a divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

Hurt feelings are one thing, but finances can really make a divorce nasty.  Here are some ways to deal with the money issue:

1. Work with the kids: No matter what you do, work out your finances in a way that is best for the kids.

2. Getting the house: It might be a good idea to sell the house and split the money evenly if you can’t compromise about who gets it in the divorce agreement.

3.  Personal wealth: Don’t make a divorce any messier than it has to be by going after the bank account and assets that are only in your partner’s name.  Only split up the wealth you share jointly.

Should finances be split up evenly if one partner makes significantly less? Share your thoughts below.