It’s official: Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are no longer a couple.  Their romance may have sizzled this summer, but a source told People that the two are now just good friends.  After Lively flew to Australia in August to visit DiCaprio while he filmed The Great Gatsby, we all thought their long distance relationship would work out. Unfortunately, DiCaprio’s work commitments and distance proved to be too much of a  hassle to make the  relationship work.

What are some ways to make a long distance relationship work?

Cupid’s Advice:

A long distance relationship is a tough commitment, but it’s not impossible.  With trust, understanding, and communication, your relationship will last longer than the miles between the you:

1. Make your partner your first commitment: With all of your own commitments, being in a long distance relationship is a big decision.  Make sure you’re willing to make your partner your first priority, even if it’s from afar.

2. Keep contact: Communication is important, and it doesn’t always have to mean face-to-face time.  Utilize social media, Skype and telephones.  Take it easy on texts, as they can easily be read the wrong way.

3. Be understanding: In a long distance relationship, you’re not going to see your partner all that much, and you need to be aware and understanding about your partner’s schedule.

Have you ever had a long distance relationship work? Share your experiences below.