LeAnn Rimes says she’s no evil stepmother.  In fact, you can drop the “evil” and the “step.”  Rimes took to her blog to discuss her dislike toward the term “stepmother.”  She said she treats her husband’s two sons like they are her own, according to UsMagazine.com. After reassuring the public that she doesn’t want to take the place of the kids’ mother, Rimes wrote that she hopes Glanville will remarry so that they can all be one big happy blended family.

What are some ways to bond with your partner’s children?

Cupid’s Advice:

Marrying someone who has children from a previous relationship can be intimidating. After you’ve established your role in your new family, try to get to know the children and vice versa. It may take some time, but it’ll be worth it.

1. Establish your role: Let the children know your role in their family. It’s easy to cross the line from parent to friend, but make sure you pick a definitive side.

2. Make them feel comfortable: Less is more. Try not to engage in every activity they are involved in. Start by showing interest in what they like and slowly progress into asking to join them in an activity.

3. Give them something new: Don’t try to take over their biological parent’s spot in their lives. Make them love you for something different. Be yourself, and everything will fall in place.

How do you bond with your stepchildren? Share your thoughts below.