Maybe you and your significant other have taken in all that your town has to offer and you’re ready for a change of scenery. ¬†With the turning of the leaves, there’s no better time than the fall to get in the car and head out on the open highway.¬† Road trips add a little adventure and significant quality time together, two key ingredients for keeping a relationship alive.

If you’re looking to escape the cold November weather, drive South to a warmer state for some fun in the sun.¬† If you‚Äôre the more adventurous type, embrace the chilly season and set your sights North for winter sports. ¬†Or, you can travel to the nearest mountain and go for a romantic hike. ¬†Camping together is another idea that will be sure to keep you snuggling all night.¬† For those couples who would like to hit as many destinations as possible, you can fuse romance and adventure with a weekend cruise.

No matter where you decide to go, if you plan on being in the car for a while, find ways to beat boredom by playing some fun car games or using the driving time to catch up with one other after a long work week. ¬†Just remember to turn off the phone, email and texts and make this weekend only about you and your significant other. ¬†For those couples who haven’t gone on a getaway, this could be an important next step in your relationship.

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