BRAVO’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, Thursday 9/22 @ 9/8c: Patti has her hands full this week when one client, Emma, refuses to get over her masculine tendencies, while the other client, Frank, suffers from some pretty serious control issues. Emma and Frank are both desperate to find love, but if they don’t learn how to let someone in–not just into their bedrooms, but into their hearts–they will never fall in love. Patti must bring out the big guns this week to help Emma set her sights a little higher than just any guy that is available, and to help Frank take his guard down and let a girl stay past 5 o’clock in the morning. Will Patti succeed?

Breaking Control Habits: Patti Stanger brings in a life coach to help her millionaire break his bad habits.

Breaking Control Habits

Going Against Her Human Nature: This millionairess must listen to Patti Stanger and Patti warns her that this process will be hard.

Going Against Her Human Nature