Michael Stagliano, 27, may have won The Bachelor Pad, but he ultimately lost ex-fiance Holly Durst, 28, to fellow contestant Blake Julian.  Durst’s engagement to Julian was revealed to Stagliano on the show’s finale.  Putting that shocking news aside, our jars also dropped when we read the jilted bachelor’s statement to People, which read, “We were engaged and therefore I will always care about and love her so it makes me happy when she is happy.”  Way to take it like a man, Michael.

How do you deal when your ex decides to marry someone else?

Cupid’s Advice:

Seeing your ex with another girl is a hard pill to swallow.  Hearing your ex is engaged to someone else can be pure torture.  Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips so that you can move on with your life without taking someone else’s happiness away:

1. Happiness: Were you happy with your ex?  If so, try being happy for him or her to return the favor.

2. Think about yourself: Being happy for someone else first means being satisfied with your own accomplishments.

3. No need to go congratulating your ex: As long as you know that you’ve moved on, that may be all that matters.  At the bare minimum, don’t ruin your ex’s special time by being negative toward him.  As the old adage goes, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

How did you react when your ex got engaged? Share your experience below.