By Royal Young

In Jackie Collins’ world, romance is sexier, Hollywood stars burn brighter and revenge runs deeper. The London born lurid legend looks at American culture through a savvy, satirist’s eye, using iconic pop culture figures as her inspiration. In Goddess of Vengeance (St. Martin’s Press) the author’s famed femme fatale Lucky Santangelo is back, with a cast of sexy, wicked characters all clawing for positions of power. Fierce, funny with a sensual shot of fame, Collins teaches us how to claw to the top and stay there. We spoke with Collins about how far she would go for love, why vengeance is so attractive and the surprises she still has in store. To order a copy of her new book you can go to and follow her on Twitter at @jackiecollins.

Royal Young writes for Interview Magazine and just completed his debut memoir, FAME SHARK. Follow him at

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