Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper are being linked after having a dinner date on Saturday at Per Se in New york.  Could the now-single Lopez be over her ex Marc Anthony?   A source told People that the couple were “in discussions regarding a project.”  Even though Cooper would be a great rebound for Lopez, we think the multi-talented beauty should be able to go through her divorice without the rumors.

How do you combat destructive rumors about your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

No one likes a rumor, especially if it involves your love life.  You can’t stop them, but you can combat them with these easy steps:

1. Address the rumor: Pretending you’ve never heard the rumor only lets it grow bigger. Acknowledge the rumor and get to correcting it.

2. Tell it like it is: Don’t feel like you don’t have to explain yourself to others. Let people know that a rumor about your relationship is not true. Leave the “no comment” cliche to the celebrities.

3. Embrace the rumor: If the rumor continues, embrace it. Look for a positive swing on the rumor. If Jennifer can live with being linked to a hot guy, so can you.

Have you ever had to combat a rumor?