Bachelor Pad 2 drama queen Melissa Schreiber insists she’s not nearly as emotional off-camera as she was on the show, according to People. ¬†The reality star, who ended up getting played by Blake on season 2 of the show after falling for him very quickly, says she no longer has feelings for him. ¬†“My friends and family have been so supportive. ¬†They know that I’m not that emotional outside of the¬†Bachelor world,” said Schreiber. ¬†“It’s so funny. ¬†Every episode, I get like 50 text messages saying, ‘Who are you? ¬†We don’t recognize you on TV.’ ¬†For some reason, when in the¬†Bachelor house, I’m overly emotional.”

How do you avoid falling for someone too quickly?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes you can mistake lust for love and fall for someone you’re interested in too quickly. ¬†This can often lead to heartache. ¬†Cupid has some advice on how to avoid falling fast:

1. Make personal rules: One of the best ways to keep yourself in check is to make a personal set of rules to follow in the dating world. ¬†For instance, make a rule that you won’t kiss someone until the second date or you won’t go on more than two dates in a week. ¬†Sometimes the beginning of a relationship is the most exciting part, so taking things slow will prolong it!

2. Stay logical: This is easier said than done. ¬†Sometimes our emotions get the best of it and we follow them with a blind eye … or head, as the case may be. ¬†Make sure to think things through logically before making any drastic decisions or statements.

3. Cover multiple topics: Falling for someone before you actually know him or her well is often a mistake. ¬†Prolong the “getting to you know you” process by asking multiple questions and covering many topics.

How do you avoid falling for someone too fast? Share your experiences below.