Are they back on?  Justin Timberlake was spotted biking with ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel on Sunday post-brunch.  “They were in good spirits,” an eyewitness at the diner claimed.  “They seemed happy … They had a nice time.”  A close source to Timberlake tells People that it wasn’t shocking to see the former couple hang out together.  “They always remained friendly after the split and spent time together,” the source says.

After a split, can you remain friends with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Remaining friends with your ex isn’t difficult, unless your relationship ended terribly.  Cupid offers tips on when to know you’re ready to rekindle your relationship with your ex:

1. Take a break: Spend some time away from your ex for a while to process your feelings about him or her.

2. Process your feelings: After some time, if you realize that it was best for you to split with your former flame and you know that you wouldn’t want to be in a romantic relationship with your ex, talk with him or her and figure out how you can remain friends.

3. Spend time: It’s best to start off spending time with your ex by inviting him or her to get-togethers with your friends.  If you’re spending time alone instead of in a group, your feelings may return.

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