Looks like there will soon be a third addition to the Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck clan.  According to People, Jennifer Garner is now pregnant with the couple’s third child.  The pair, who already has a 5 1/2-year-old daughter named Violet and a 2 1/2-year-old daughter named Seraphina, are “thrilled” to be expecting a third child.  Garner also told the Associated Press that she believes she’s gotten somewhat of a “split personality” from motherhood.  One minute her brain is mush and she is a total ditz with all the thoughts of motherhood, and then somehow she pulls it all together when the cameras start rolling.  Talk about mother of the year!

How do you deal with the dynamic of three children versus two?

Cupid’s Advice:

Raising a family is always tough, but when adding a third child to the mix, it can change things a bit.  Cupid has some advice on how to deal:

1. Middle child: Once you have three children, there’s always the child that suffers from “middle child syndrome,” so it’s important to show him or her the same amount of attention as you do the oldest and youngest children.

2. More work: With another kid in the family, that means more mouths to feed, more places to be and more clothes, school supplies and toys to buy.  All in all, a third child means more work.

3. More fun: An additional kid means another personality in the household and more fun to have.  Instead of just having two kids that may constantly be competing with one another, you now have three to even things out in that department.

How do you deal with the dynamic of three children versus two?  Share your thoughts below!