Reality star exes Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi may have been previously engaged after the 14th season of the Bachelor, but it turns out the two are definitely at odds when it comes to working together on the new season of Bachelor Pad 2. A preview shows¬†an almost defeated Jake Pavelka asking to make an alliance with Girardi as a last resort to remain in the competition, according to Girardi doesn’t seem very keen on the idea, though, since she is still hurt and is finally happy and moving on with her new beau Kasey Kahl. The pair are rumored to be looking for an apartment in Los Angeles together.

What are some reasons to get rid of expectations of your ex-partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s difficult to get over a prior romantic fling, especially an engagement like Jake and Vienna’s, but Cupid has some advice on why you should get rid of the expectations of your ex:

1. You get hurt: If you’re holding out hope that your ex will change his or her ways, you’re going to have expectations that he or she won’t be able to meet, and it will let you down. If you’re trying to move on and not get hurt, don’t look back.

2. It’ll make it difficult to move on: If you continue to have expectations of your ex, it will make it very difficult to move on and become happy again. In order to move forward, you have to realize that you aren’t with your ex for a reason and drop the expectations.

3. You second guess: Even if you’re ready to move past your previous relationship and find someone new, if you hold on to expectations of your ex, you may second guess your new mate. This can lead to trust issues.

What are some reasons to get rid of expectations of your ex-partner? Share your thoughts below.