Ali Fedotowsky is happy with her recent decision to delay her wedding to Roberto Martinez. According to, the couple was engaged in May of 2010 and one of the main reasons for putting off the nuptials was that her knee surgery in July, which made Fedotowsky unable to hit the gym. She wants to get in some good gym time before the big day … and she’d also like to walk (instead of hobble) down the aisle. Though the couple aren’t in a rush to get married, there could perhaps be a wedding next summer.

What are some good reasons to put off your wedding for the time being?

Cupid’s Advice:

In our society, people often feel pressured to get married quickly, but that isn’t always the best course of action. Here are some good reasons to postpone your wedding:

1. You’re not ready: If you’re really having doubts that go beyond cold feet, it’s okay to wait to get married. Being absolutely sure is the most important thing.

2. The kids: If you have young children that don’t fully understand what is going on and what the changes in your life mean for them, you might want to wait a little longer.

3. Money issues: If you find that you can’t afford your original plans, which is very common in this economy, take a step back and regroup.

What are some other reasons to put off a wedding? Share your thoughts below.