BRAVO’s Most Eligible Dallas *PREMIERE* Monday 8/15 @ 10/9c:

Tune in for Bravo’s newest series: they’re young, they’re hot, they’re single — they’re Dallas’ “most eligible!”  From beauty queens to pro-football players, this group of Texas socialites proves that everything’s bigger in Texas — including the drama.  Some are looking for true love while others have perfected the art of the one-night stand, but somehow their love lives have all crossed paths at one time or another.  And don’t expect this group of friends to hold back when it comes to critiquing each other’s lives especially when new gal in town / young and single mom Neill starts seeing the handsome Matt.  How does Matt’s best gal friend Courtney feel about this budding relationship?  And does she hold a secret candle for Matt?

Just Friends? When Matt Nordgren introduces Neill Skylar to the group, she gets a chilly reception from Courtney Kerr.


Not That There is a Checklist: Courtney Kerr is not going to settle and her list for a man proves it.