Reality TV lovebirds, Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl really seem to love each other inside and out, according to People. Girardi may have felt she wasn’t pretty because of the size of her nose, but boyfriend Kasey Kahl says, “I honestly think she’s gorgeous and beautiful inside and out so it doesn’t matter to me.”¬† So even though her beau feels she’s perfect, he flew out to Houston to be with Girardi during her rhinoplasty in July.¬† As if that wasn’t sweet enough, Kahl also told Girardi,”I am here for you and I support you no matter what you want to do” after the surgery.¬† That’s true love right there.

How do you know when your partner loves you, for you?

Cupid’s Pulse:

It’s tough to know if your beau really loves you for you, but Cupid has some tips on how to tell if your partner is real with you and cares for you no matter what:

1. They don’t try to change you: Yes, everyone tries to change their significant other a little bit, whether it be their wardrobe, their eating habits or even the TV shows they watch. How you know the ‘change’ is going too far is if your partner is forcing you into changes you can live without.

2. They are honest with you: Kasey Kahl didn’t feel that girlfriend Vienna Girardi needed a nose job, and he even told her he loved her inside and out despite any size nose she had. If your honey is honest with you and isn’t afraid of sharing his or her opinion, that’s a sign they are here for all the right reasons.

3. They support you: Even if you and your mate don’t agree on something, he or she should always support you. Like Kahl said, he is there for Vienna Girardi no matter what. Simple things like that will show you that your boo is for real.

How do you know when your partner loves you, for you? Share your thoughts below!