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If you’ve ever found yourself uttering in frustration about your favorite actress and how she recently lost so much weight while you’ve been trying for three months to lose 10lbs, you’re definitely not alone.  Many people struggle with dieting on a daily basis and unlike the Hollywood megastars whose svelte bodies grace the cover of celebrity magazines and seem to have no problem finding someone to go to dinner with on Saturday night, most single women don’t have the luxury of having chefs preparing our food at each meal.  Yes, it can all be very frustrating to us regular folks who are stuck counting calories while we’re getting ready for a date, commuting to work or trying to fit in our thrice-weekly gym session.


Cupid's Pulse Article: Stop Counting, Start Eating: Feel Fresh for Fall

That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to test out a one week trial of The Fresh Diet plan and let our visitors know if it was possible to actually diet like a rock star, without actually being one.  The Fresh Diet allows you to eat healthy while having delicious gourmet meals delivered to your doorstep.  All you do is choose the plan that is best suited for you and select your meals with the online planner.

There’s no shopping, preparing, measuring, cooking or cleaning needed.  When you’re eating for one, you need something that’s simple and convenient.  Plus, there are over 400 different options to pick from so your palette will never get bored.  With The Fresh Diet, you can be served and treated just like your favorite celebrity without all the counting and calculating.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Stop Counting, Start Eating: Feel Fresh for Fall

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This is an incredible deal that is definitely too good to pass up.  All you have to do is go to The Fresh Diet and type in “singles” as the special discount code when you’re ready to check out.  Don’t miss out  on this fabulous opportunity to diet like a celebrity and who knows … maybe you’ll end up looking like one too!