Bride-to-be Kim Kardashian has been in the media a lot lately, due to her recent engagement to Kris Humphries. Well, she’s now being examined for what her wedding dress will look like.  Kardashian revealed Monday that Vera Wang will be designing her wedding gown, according to “Vera has been a close family friend for a long time and we had talked about this moment for years,” Kardashian, 30, wrote on her blog.  “So when it came to picking my wedding dress designer, she was the first person I thought of. No one designs gowns the way she does!”

How do you make choosing a wedding dress a special occasion?

Cupid’s Advice:

Just have fun with it!  Here are three ways to make shopping for your wedding gown an unforgettable experience:

1. Don’t go by yourself: Everything always seems more fun if the ones you love are involved. Nothing is different about shopping for your wedding dress. You want the people that you cherish to come help you along the way. They don’t necessarily have to make the ultimate decision for you, but if you value them, you value their opinion.

2. Keep your big day in mind: It may get very stressful, but if you constantly keep your big day in mind, you have no choice but to smile. Think about the reason you’re shopping, because the happiest day of your life is soon to come. Don’t let minor things spoil this special occasion.

3. Take pictures: Take pictures?  Of you in the dress shops making a decision? Yes! Memories last a lifetime, and if you can look back on those photos, you’ll know that you made gown shopping an unforgettable experience.

How did you make choosing a wedding dress a special experience? Share below in a comment.