Love is no longer in the air for actor James Franco and longtime girlfriend Ahna O’Reily. The two ended their six year relationship due to the long distance between them. Franco has been attending school in New York and just signed up to take classes at Yale while his girlfriend was waiting patiently for him back in L.A., according to the New York Press. It seems like Franco has too many passions and couldn’t focus on one of his biggest passions, his girlfriend. Franco is currently an actor, poet, director, teacher, student, author, painter, performance artist and producer … Talk about all over the place!

How do you help your partner focus his or her passions?

Cupids Advice

It’s difficult when your partner has big dreams and passions that may be getting in the way of your relationship, but Cupid has some advice on how you can help your partner focus:

1. Be supportive: Even if you believe your partner’s passions are absolutely absurd, supporting him or her shows that you care and are willing to be there no matter what.

2. Provide constructive criticism: If your boo truly loves you, he’ll care about your opinion and what you have to say. If you try to give him direction or guidance ad explain how he should maybe focus on one thing at a time, he should respect your opinion.

3. Show him what he’s good at: Show your beau what he’s really talented at, whether it be art, music, writing or anything else. If he sees that he can truly exceed at one thing, he’ll probably stick with it and focus all of his energy one way.

How do you help your partner focus his or her passions? Share your thoughts below!