It looks like Hugh Hefner isn’t too heartbroken after his ex-fiancé Crystal Harris called off their marriage.  It’s either that or he’s a pretty good actor. The 85-year-old Playboy mogul stepped onto the red carpet at The Karma Foundation’s Kandyland Party at the Playboy Mansion this past Saturday with Miss January 2011 playmate Ann Sophia Berglund.  Along with his new girlfriend — who is also Crystal Harris’s best friend — he partied the night away with celebrities, playmates and other party-goers.

Hefner’s ex-bride-to-be said one of the major issues in their relationship was his love for other women.  “It doesn’t make sense to have so many women around but still have a marriage,” Harris said, according to People. “It doesn’t make sense, so it was the right thing.  I wasn’t the only woman in Hef’s life and it wasn’t going to stay that way after the marriage.”

After Hefner confirmed that his wedding with Harris was canceled, a friend told Popeater, “He will die of a broken heart.”  At least that’s what his friend assumed.  Hefner tweeted, “The breakup is a heartbreaker, but better now than after the marriage … I just missed a bullet.”

Do you think the Playboy tycoon is really over his ex-fiancé and did Harris have a good reason for canceling the wedding? Let us know what you think below!