Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman and fiancé Benjamin Millepied have welcomed a baby boy to the world, reports People.  Portman and Millepied met on the set of Black Swan, where Millepied was working as a choreographer.  The pair confirmed their engagement and announced Portman’s pregnancy in December.

How do you prepare for a son over a daughter?

Cupid’s Advice:

Once you find out the gender of your baby, the real prep-work begins.  Here are a few ways to prepare for a son:

1. Prepare the baby’s room: When you find out the gender of your baby, prepare his room appropriately.  Feel free to finally break away from a gender-neutral color scheme and migrate towards shades of blue, green, and brown.  Seeing the completed room will take a large burden off of your shoulders.

2. Inform relatives: Keep your friends and family up-to-date.  Many of them, especially the ones planning the baby shower, will need (almost) as much time as you do to prepare.

3. Brainstorm: The gender of a baby is always unpredictable.  If you were hoping for a daughter to play dress-up with, then you have some readjusting to do.  Come up with other activities and buy toys that your son could enjoy.

Do you have experience in preparing for a baby boy?  Feel free to share advice below!