Mother of one, entrepreneur and reality TV star¬†Bethenny Frankel wants to add even more to her plate: baby number two.¬† The former Real Housewives star said she‚Äôs so busy that she and her husband actually have to schedule time to make a baby.¬† “We want to have another child, but we’re going to have to start trying,” Frankel told RadarOnline. ¬†“We talk about having two children, definitely.¬† But I’m 40, like, we need to get on the bandwagon.”

How do you prepare to have a child?

Cupid’s Advice:

Nothing can fully prepare you for parenthood until the baby actually comes, but Cupid has some tips on how to make the transition easier:

1. Read books: There are lots of great resources out there, like What To Expect When You’re Expecting.  Do some research before your bundle of joy arrives.

2. Ask for advice: Talk to friends and family who have children to see what their biggest surprises were when their first child was born.

3. Babysit: If you have any young nieces, nephews or cousins that you can spend time with, becoming comfortable with them will help make you more used to having a little one around.

What did you do to get ready for your first child?  Share your comments below.