If she’s upset, she sure isn’t showing it!  Maria Shriver looked happier than ever when she visited Tra Di Noi restaurant with her kids Katherine, Christina and Christopher; a few friends; and her bodyguard on Sunday night.  RadarOnline reported that Shriver hired a high-profile divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, to represent her against ex-spouse Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child by his and Shriver’s former housewife.

What are some life changes you can make after a divorce?

Cupid’s Pulse:

Going through a divorce is tough, but moving on with your life afterward is tougher.  Cupid offers suggestions on some life changes you can make after a divorce:

1. Move forward slowly: It takes time getting used to being single.  Letting others know how you feel will help you move on with your life slowly and steadily.

2. Meet others: It might take some time, but go out of your comfort zone and mingle with others when you’re ready.  You’ll meet new friends and possibly the person who is truly right for you.

3. Embrace new opportunities: With all the time you’ll have on your hands, get involved in extra-curricular activities. You’ll be surprised when you discover new hobbies and talents.

What did you do after your divorce? Share your experiences below.