A marriage counselor, Ava (Mandy Moore) is thrown for a loop when her parents decide to get a divorce in Love, Wedding, Marriage, which hits theatres June 3rd.  Ava, who has recently married Charlie (Kellan Lutz), is now questioning everything for which her marriage stands.  To counter that feeling, she decides to get her parents back together by moving her father in with her and her new husband, much to Charlie’s dismay.  Through laughs and tears, this family finds a way to make it work despite all the emotional struggles they’re going through.

What are the benefits of marriage counseling?
Cupid’s Advice:

Marriage counseling does not guarantee a lack of divorce, but there are definitely benefits to the process even if it doesn’t work:

1. Communication: The main thing that counseling does is provide a place to air all of your grievances.  You can tell your partner all of the things you’ve been holding in.  That way, everything you need to work on is on the table ready to be tackled.

2. Solutions: Whether the solution ends up being a divorce or getting back together, a decision is definitely necessary when you’re at odds with your spouse.  Marriage counseling provides a neutral place to decide.

3. Last shot: Marriage counseling comes before a split so that if there’s any chance whatsoever that you may be able to work out your issues, you can do it.  It’s the last stop shop before making the decision to call it quits.

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