By Jennifer Harrington

On Monday we were treated to the season premiere of The Bachelorette, which introduced us to Ashley Hebert’s guys.  While she’s got a great group of men, there will certainly be drama this season – and even a villain.  The rumors about Bentley being on the show for the wrong reasons are confirmed in this short clip, where he says Ashley is not his type and doesn’t meet the checklist of criteria of what he’s looking for in a wife.  However, during his one-on-one time with Ashley, Bentley pretends to display some insecurity (a trait that destroyed Ashley’s relationship with Brad), as Bentley thanks her for giving him the final rose in the first ceremony.  Even at this very early point in their relationship, our bubbly bachelorette appears desperate to keep Bentley around and alleviate his supposed self-doubt by saying, “If you feel something for me, please stay because I feel something for you.”  It’s clear that despite all of the warnings Ashley’s heard about this businessman before even meeting him, she’s completely smitten!

Make sure to tune in to ABC on Monday, May 30 at 8PM/7PM Central to see Ashley’s dates with the remaining 18 bachelors in Vegas – including her date with Bentley!  In the meantime, let us know which bachelor you think may find romance with Ashley in Sin City.  Don’t forget to visit us next week for our Tuesday morning recap!


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