Sure his role in the upcoming film, Friends with Benefits, involves him having a casual relationship, but Justin Timberlake recently opened up to Ellen DeGeneres, saying he’s not a big fan of the idea, according to People. ¬†“It’s a really good idea until it becomes a bad idea,” Timberlake said. ¬†“It probably becomes a bad idea really fast.” ¬†The 30-year-old Prince of Pop said it’s hard to keep emotions in check in those type of hookups, and it gets worse once sex is involved. ¬†“If you’re going to be intimate with someone at some point somebody’s going to feel something,” he said.

When can a friends with benefits situation be a good idea?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Fresh off a strikeout: A ‘no strings attached’ relationship may be beneficial if you just got out of a serious relationship, and you need a boost of confidence.

2. The big move: It’s tough to tie yourself down to a city you don’t live in anymore. ¬†If you anticipate either a move to a different city, but still want to have fun, this type of relationship may be appropriate.

3. Flying solo: For whatever the reason may be, if you’re not ready for a committed gig, then it’s okay to want to have a non-serious partnership. ¬†Just make sure you let your partner know what you’re feeling.

Do you think a “friends with benefits” situation is a good or bad thing? ¬†Comment below.