Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t using the source code to go back to Taylor Swift.  The 30-year-old actor was recently seen enjoying breakfast with star of 90210 Jessica Lowndes April 1, according to an article on UsMagazine.com. Gyllenhaal was later seen having a “friendly” lunch with Locanda Verde, who was described as a Swift look-a-like.  His relationship with country star Swift ended late last year.

Is it okay to date around?

Cupid’s Advice:

Playing the field isn’t something of which to be ashamed, as it can be a healthy way to help find the perfect qualities in your future spouse. Cupid has a few pointers in mind if you choose to date around:

1. Be upfront: As always, honesty is the best policy. It wouldn’t be right to lead someone into thinking you want a serious relationship when you aren’t ready for that.

2. Don’t pursue: Although it’s okay to have a favorite date partner, try not to give them the wrong impression until you are ready for a real relationship.

3. Don’t go overboard: Sure it’s fun to go on a lot of dates, but avoid trying to balance a huge quantity.  Not only will it become more stressful, but it will increase the possibility of saying the wrong name to the wrong person.