Prince Harry threw his brother Prince William his bachelor bash this past weekend, and according to E! Online, it included water skiing, motor boat racing, and a floating pub crawl with 20 of his best friends.  A Clarence House spokesman didn’t have too much to say about the event.  “Prince William has enjoyed his stag and it was in the U.K,” said the circumspect spokesman to London’s Daily News.

What are some unique bachelor/bachelorette party ideas?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. A fancy dinner at a hot spot: Go somewhere where everyone goes to see and be seen, like a celebrity hot spot.  Drink some strong Cosmopolitans in true Sex and The City and eat some quality food.

2. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: Think about Sin City for a wild and crazy time.  Based on the interests of your group, plan a trip full of gambling, shows and clubs.  It’s a party the groom or bride-to-be will never forget!

3. Have an outdoor adventure: Instead of the traditional club scene, plan a weekend filled with outdoor excursions, whether that means cattle wrangling or white water rafting.