By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity wedding news, Pete Davidson’s ex, Carly Aquilino, is amused by Davidson’s proposal to Ariana Grande. After only a few weeks of celebrity dating, Davidson proposed to Grande. Aquilino took to social media to express her feelings towards the new celebrity couple. Aquilino posted screenshots of conversations with friends where she pretty much laughs at the new celebrity relationship. I guess Davidson and Grande will have to live without Aquilino’s blessing.

In celebrity wedding news, Pete Davidson’s ex is seemingly laughing at his engagement to Ariana Grande. What are some ways to keep your ex from affecting your new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When starting a new chapter in your life, make sure you completely finished the previous one. Cupid has some advice on ways to keep your ex from affecting your new relationship.

1. Distance: Make sure you distance yourself from your old life. Sometimes exes have a hard time moving on and if you are constantly in contact with an ex, your new relationship could begin with a rocky start. Bringing your new flame to the restaurant where you and your ex enjoyed your favorite meal could stir up trouble. If you run into your ex, what do you do? It isn’t worth the risk. New relationship, new beginnings.

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2. Cut communication: Cutting off communication with an ex is an effective measure to take when beginning a new relationship. Whether you are cool with your ex or absolutely cannot stand each other, when starting a new relationship it’s never safe to have your ex talk to your new flame. You are better off cutting off communication and moving forward. Some ex’s are like guard dogs, the may look friendly but they won’t let anyone get too close.

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3. Be respectful: Be respectful of your previous break up. Believe it or not, considering your ex’s feelings can go a long way. Being respectful and mature about the break up will help with a moving forward and for you to enjoy your new relationship. Not suggesting you hide your new relationship, but possibly keeping it on the low for a while will keep your ex away and hopefully focused on what they have going on.

Do you have more ways on how to keep your ex from affecting your new relationship? Share below.