By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, Khloe Kardashian has seemingly taken a stand. According to, the reality TV star blocked comments from her Instagram photos with Tristan Thompson. It looks like she doesn’t want to hear anything on the cheating scandals surrounding the celebrity couple. Kardashian barred her followers from stating their opinions on Wednesday. Thompson hasn’t disabled his comments despite of the flood of comments that Kardashian fans shared on one of his Instagram photos. He did delete the photo, however.

In celebrity news, it looks like Khloe is trying to block out the haters. What are some ways to keep other people’s opinions from affecting your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes when others find out about the problems in our relationships, they can’t help but chime in with their thoughts. Here are a few ways to avoid acknowledging their opinions:

1. Know where you stand: If you are unsure where you and your significant other stand, the comments others make will most likely affect you. Don’t be afraid to take people’s opinions into consideration. But, if that isn’t what you want, then you have to come to a decision on the situation and stick to it — be sure about it — so you can better ignore the negativity people hurl at you.

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2. Talk to your partner: People’s opinions can not only affect your relationship by affecting you, but also your partner as well. Amid all the problems, you should both discuss the situation and briefly what people are saying. Acknowledge what is going on before just plain ignoring it, so you know how you each feel about the situation.

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3. Talk to people: Tell people that you don’t want to hear their opinions. Be honest and straightforward. You may not be able to stop all the opinions by doing this, but you can possibly stop some. The less opinions to ignore, the better.

What ways do you face on a situation when people are stating their opinions about your relationship? Share below!