By Krissy Dolor

You don’t have to be Irish to¬†be lucky in love on St. Patrick’s¬†Day.¬† We all want to find¬†a special little leprechaun to call our own¬†– and he doesn’t always have to be the one knee-deep in green beer or hiding at the end of a rainbow.¬† If you’re celebrating the¬†holiday¬†this week,¬†here are 10 tips for meeting someone new during 2011’s Blarney blowout:

1. Make your coffee Irish: What better way to start off celebrating the holiday morning than with some Irish cream?  Sneak some into your Starbucks cup and offer some to the cute guy in line next to you Рmaybe coffee with turn into dinner!

2. Dust off your”Kiss Me I’m Irish” button from college: You’re guaranteed to get a peck or two if you keep it on all day.

3. Head to the parade: Take the day off and indulge in the festivities.¬† New York City’s parade, which passes in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue, is world famous and always filled with people of all backgrounds celebrating Irish history.

4. Forget to wear green: By accident, of course.¬† Pinching those who aren’t wearing green is a holiday tradition that started in Boston.¬† People thought that by wearing green you would be invisible to the leprechauns, who would pinch anyone they saw.¬† Pinching others is a reminder that the leprechauns can see you!¬† Hint to a cutie standing nearby that you need a pinch.

5. Do some pinching of your own: This mini-PDA gesture goes both ways, so nip an arm or a cheek – it’s up to you to pick which one would be most appropriate!

6. Brush up on your history: Everyone knows about the pinching tradition, but did you know that St. Patrick – whose real name was Maewyn Succat – wasn’t even born in Ireland?¬† Share interesting tidbits of your own and you’re bound to get noticed.

7. Test your Irish accent: See how natural your fake accent sounds by asking the closest hottie if you could pass for a Celtic woman.  Maybe he can give you a few pointers!

8. Hit up a pub (or five): There are tons of places that will be in the Irish spirit on St. Patty’s day, so take advantage!¬† Check out MurphGuide (for NYC) and Boston Irish Pubs for extensive lists.

9. Go to bars that aren’t celebrating the holiday: If slamming multiple car bombs back isn’t your idea of a good time, why not see if there are others who share your sentiment?

10. Just smile: Just like the saying “Irish eyes are smiling,” your eyes (and your mouth) should be smiling all day!¬† The Irish are a happy folk – follow suit and turn on the charm.¬† You’ll never meet someone new with a pout on your face.

If you’re shy, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to get out of your shell!¬† And with these tips, who needs a lucky charm?¬† Cupid wishes you luck on the road to your pot of gold!