By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, Meghan Markle was baptized at the Chapel Royal at St. James’ Palace on Tuesday, according to We can see that the royal couple is making moves before their royal celebrity wedding. In attendance were Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, and one of Markle’s friends. However, Markle’s parents along with Prince William and Dutchess Kate were absent. Either way, we are cheering Markle on as she continues on the road to her royal life.

This royal celebrity couple is preparing for their big day, this time religiously. What are some ways to reconcile different religions when you’re going to marry someone?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s okay to have differences when in a relationship. However, certain differences take more of a toll on a couple than others. The commitment to different religions is one of them. Cupid has some tips on ways to handle a situation like this one:

1. Share your histories with one another: Besides helping you and your significant other to open up and know more about each other, sharing histories will help you see where the other is coming from. Discuss the religious and cultural pieces of your life with an open mind. Listen and share.

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2. Respect each others beliefs: It is important that respect takes place always. Whether you agree with someone’s religious views or not, you should show respect. The minute disrespecting takes place, a new problem is created beside the original one of difference in religion. Showing respect can even sometimes fix the problem, because you both feel safe and not attacked.

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3. Face all issues that may arise: Do not just ignore any issues that develop due to different religious views. It is better to nip things in the butt before they get worse. Many religious people are serious about their beliefs, so it is best to face obstacles right on. Communicate effectively always. Listen to your partner, and discuss your point of view clearly as well.

Have any advice for couple’s in this situation? Share below!