Britney Spears reunited with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, while attending their son Preston’s Little League game on Saturday. Spears, 29, arrived to the event with her current boyfriend, Jason Trawick, and her 4-year-old son, Jayden. According to RadarOnline, a witness saw talent agent Trawick approach Federline, who was one of the team’s coaches, to congratulate him. Spears seemed happy and after the game, she and all her men left together.

How do you keep things civil between your ex and new partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

There was once a time you shared your life with your now-ex. It may now be over, but keeping things civil between your ex and your new partner is crucial. Cupid offers a few tips to do just that:

1. Don’t cling to the past: It all starts with you. Don’t continuously talk about your past relationship. Your mate will not appreciate it, and his or her dislike for your ex will deepen.

2. Reassurance: Reassure your current partner that things are completely over with your ex, so he or she won’t feel threatened.

3. Spend time together: It might seem awkward at first, but attend an event with your partner and invite your ex and his or her new mate (if there is one) to be there, too.