By Jessica Gomez

We’ve got your back with great product reviews! Natural products may be the way to go. They’re extremely good for you; they aren’t harsh, are good for the environment, and are usually cruelty-free. We are always on the prowl for innovative products that are effective, won’t irritate us, and that have a natural, fresh fragrance.

Stay on top of the latest beauty trends and beauty tricks with our product review:

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Try New, Natural Beauty Products

No Sin Cinnamon, Clean Lip Moisturizer: This Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye product is here to help you reduce your food cravings. It’s a lip treatment that does just that, and it’s all natural! It contains essential oils, scarce plant extracts, cinnamon, white tea, jojoba oil, and lemon balm. This product targets two things at once, dry lips and hunger — leaving your lips feeling smooth and curbing your appetite for snacks. It diminishes cravings just 10 minutes after application. The more you use this lip gloss, the more it works. It hydrates your lips, freshens your breath, and makes you thirsty redirecting your impulse to water instead of munching.You can get it on for $20.


Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Try New, Natural Beauty Products

Hard Candy Lip Color: Making your lips soft, this product hydrates your lips. It’s matte, but silky. It’s a great make-up for when you’re going for that natural look. It’s also great for all skin tones, coming in a variety of colors: Buttercream, Biscotti, Creme Brulee, Gelato, Macaron, Sorbet, and Tartufo. It’s available at Walmart¬†for just $6!

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Try New, Natural Beauty Products

Quinoaplex: As it turns out, Quinoa is great for your hair. Containing 15% of amino acids, it’s protein for your locks to be exact. It conditions and repairs your strands and protects your hair. Say goodbye to split ends as well! Quinoplex hair products provide many benefits, some being lasting shine, increases the the lasting of hair color, soothes your scalp, and decreases hair loss, thinning and breakage. It also allows hair to be colored and bleached with much less damage. Check out their bestsellers!

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