By Jessica Gomez

Kate Hudson and beau Danny Fujikawa have known each other for 15 years, although they made their red carpet debut as a couple in May, according to Celebrating the couple’s first date anniversary, Hudson revealed via Instagram Sunday that she was pregnant when she met her love. “The first time I met Danny I was 23 and enormously pregnant with Ryder,” wrote Hudson, along with other sweet details on the celebrity couple’s history before making their relationship official.

This celebrity news has us wondering about on and off relationships. What are some factors to consider before continuing with this type of relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When in an on and off relationship, you must consider certain things. Cupid has some dating advice:

1. What’s the reason for turning down the heat?: Is it something minuscule or something worth a break up, like lack of trust? Sometimes an on and off relationship will be just that, on and off all the time. Make sure neither of you are quick to end it, just to get back together right away without fixing a thing — this will make the break-ups seem less serious and will probably make them occur often.

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2. Did the time apart do you both any good?: If a couple is breaking up or putting things on hold, then they should be growing during that time apart. What’s the point of breaking up and getting back together if everything remains the same?

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3. Can your problems be worked through?: Unfortunately, not all problems can be fixed. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. Evaluate the problems between you and your significant other, and decide together whether your issues can be mended or if the relationship is just too broken.

Have you ever been in an on and off relationship? How’d it go? Comment below!