By Marissa Donovan

This Bachelor in Paradise couple have released their daughter’s name! According to UsMagazine.comthe Reality TV stars named their daughter Emerson Avery Tolbert and have given her the nickname Emmy. Roper posted a photo of her newborn daughter on her Instagram, while also promoting her baby blanket from Highway 3. This celebrity mom is already showering her baby with love!

This celebrity baby name is super cute! What are some ways to compromise about baby names with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Coming up with your child’s name is a team effort as parents. There may be some baby names that you and your partner may not agree on, but here are some ways you can compromise:

1. Create nicknames: If your partner chooses a name, create nicknames by shortening the name. This way you will have a special name for your bundle of joy.

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2. Call dibs on your next child’s name: As silly as this suggestion may sound, make an agreement with your partner that you will name or let your partner name the next child that you have. If you only plan on having one child, make a deal to name the next family pet!

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3. Realize it’s one of the many battles: Picking a name for your child might be one of the many disagreements you have while parenting together. Since this might be one of the many battles, wait for one that you may feel more passionate about.

What are some cute baby names? Leave your favorites in the comments!