By Marissa Donovan

Are Bachelor in Paradise stars Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes more than a Reality TV show fling? It seems like there’s something happening between the celebrity couple! According to UsMagazine.comStanton was asked if she left the show engaged, and she shared that she couldn’t say. She did share that her co-star is very sweet and that he has not met her two daughters yet. We can’t wait to see what happens between these two!

This celebrity couple news is definitely forecasting for the new season of Bachelor in Paradise. What are some ways to know when it’s time to introduce your kids to your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Introducing your kids to your partner may be the next step in your relationship. Here are some signs to prove that you’re ready:

1. Your friends already know him: If your friends already know them and approve, then it’s probably time for your kids to meet your special someone. You can even invite your friends to help you introduce your partner to your kids for extra support.

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2. He’s naturally liked around everyone: Acceptance of your partner by others is a factor to consider when letting them meet your kids. Although not everyone has to be their biggest fan, it can set the stage for whether your kids will like them as well.

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3. He’s excited to meet your family: If your partner seems excited to meet those close to you, then obviously meeting your children is the right way to go. Make plans for your kids and your partner to meet soon.

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