By Marissa Donovan

Dean Unglert believe he knows Rachel Lindsay’s intentions when it comes to not wanting him to be the next to find love on The Bachelor. According to, The Bachelorette star believes that Lindsay still has some feelings for Peter Kraus and does not want to see him with other girls on TV. Time will tell if the Reality TV star runner-up will have his own shot at love.

This celebrity news certainly sheds some light on a dramatic situation. What are some ways to get over your ex enough that you want them to move on with someone else?

Cupid Advice:

Getting over someone in general is challenging. You may feel like you should stay close in case there is a chance you could get back together, but that may end up making your love life complicated:

1. Cut ties temporarily: Keep your distance from your ex, whether that means not looking at their social media updates or not going out of your way to speak to them. You can still be civil with your ex, but for your own state of mind, give yourself space.

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2. Talk to other people you’re interested in: Start talking to other people to distract yourself from focusing on your ex. Be careful not to treat anyone as a rebound from your ex, but socialize with those who make you happy!

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3. Give it time: Allow yourself time before jumping into dating again. Your ex could be dating again, but that doesn’t mean you have to! People often make the mistake of dating while they still have strong feelings for their ex. As much as some of us would like to quickly get over someone and move on to the next person, let yourself heal first.

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