By Marissa Donovan

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had some bonding time with each of their children recently. According to, the baseball player and World of Dance judge brought their kids together to celebrate Lopez’s birthday! The celebrity couple have been getting closer and seem to be enjoying spending time together!

In this celebrity news, it looks like families are combining! What are some ways to introduce your kids to your partner’s kids?

Cupids Advice:

Try being extra fun when introducing your kids to your partner’s children. Here are some ways you and your partner’s children can meet:

1. Go to an indoor trampoline park: Bounce around together and have fun with the kids as a couple. Some locations offer pizza for when you are done jumping, so make sure to bring an empty stomach!

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2. Get frozen yogurt together: Let the children bond over candy toppings and frozen yogurt flavors. Sugar rushes will allow them to become more talkative even if they become handfuls. Older children will enjoy frozen yougurt as well, plus you and your partner can share a cup together!

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3. Go camping: Enjoy the last days of the summer as a family. It will be a memorable experience for the kids to share a tent together while roasting marshmallows.

Do you have other ideas for how to introduce your children to your partner’s kids? Let us know in the comments!