By Marissa Donovan

This post was sponsored by Boxy Girl.

Summer can be a crazy time of business meetings, date nights, and brunch with friends. Before leaving the house, you probably need to quickly get ready. Sometimes it’s a struggle to put on the right shade of concealer to cover up yesterday’s sunburn that also blends in with your sun-kissed skin. You find yourself searching for earrings to wear, but you can’t seem to find a pair that matches. We have a hard enough time trying to organize our busy schedules, so why should getting ready be a scattered mess?

Boxy Girl is your quick fix for coordinating your Summer beauty looks!

Boxy Girl is a brand that creates chic and clear multi-compartment drawers and add-on organizers that can help you separate your products. Boxy Girl stacks are durable due to their non-slip surface protectors that prevent your items from damaging the acrylic surface. There are so many stacks to choose from that you can even build your own vanity! Boxy Girl has been named’s ‘Genius Organizer’ of 2017. Kylie Jenner even has her own Boxy Girl to help arrange her many cosmetics!

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Original Four Stack With Lid

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Organize Your Quick Summer Look With Boxy Girl

The Original Four Stack With Lid is a basic need for all beauty gurus have an array of different shades of lipsticks and eye shadows. You can categorize your looks through the four clear drawers by tones or by what time of day you wear a certain shade. You may want to consider using a drawer for your make-up removal or skin care routine since that can sometimes get messy. If you’re not much for makeup the stack can be fantastic storage for nail polish and other manicure accessories for a fun a spa day with friends!

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Half Brush Stack

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Organize Your Quick Summer Look With Boxy Girl

The Half Brush Stack allows you to bundle many brushes and beauty blender of all sizes into three spacious tubes. If you have many rings and bracelets then buying this stack is necessary to keep everything in order so your jewelry doesn’t get lost or scratched.

Organized your look this summer the right way! Use our coupon codes: CP25 for $25 off the Original Boxy 4-Stack or CP20 for 20% off any Boxy product on This is a summer investment you don’t want to pass up!