By Whitney Johnson

Congratulations are in order! As originally reported by, Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson just celebrated the seven-year anniversary of their celebrity relationship. The fashion designer marked the special occasion by posting a sweet family picture on Instagram, captioning it, “7 years, 2 kids, and a whole lotta love later.” The celebrity couple are proud parents to Maxwell Drew, 5, and Ace Knute, 3 — and they don’t plan on having any more kids. As Simpson recently shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “I have two beautiful children and I’m not having a third. They’re too cute! You can’t top that.”

This celebrity relationship has lasted for seven blissful years. What are some ways to work on your relationship on a daily basis?

Cupid’s Advice:

Strong relationships don’t always come easy, and you have to make an effort to make your partnership last. Here are three ways to work on your relationship on a daily basis:

1. Communicate: Communication is important in every relationship. No matter how busy or stressful your day is, make sure to sit down with your partner and free yourselves for any distractions, like television or cell phones. Spend some quality time together and talk about how you’re feeling, what you’re working on, etc.

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2. Rely on your support system: Having friends and family who love both you and your partner is so important to a strong and happy relationship. In fact, Simpson previously wrote in Glamour that the “support system” of family and friends that she’s “nurtured and cherished” helps strengthen herself and her celebrity marriage daily.

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3. Invest in me time: You can’t be a good partner without focusing on yourself too. Make sure you have something that you truly love outside of your relationship. You never want to depend on someone else for your own happiness.

Cupid wants to know: What’s another way to work on your partnership on a regular basis? Share your best relationship advice below!