By Whitney Johnson

Looks like there may be more bad blood in this celebrity break-up! As reported by, Taylor Swift’s ex Calvin Harris collaborated with her nemesis Katy Perry for his upcoming album, and the “Bad Blood” singer’s fans are already calling out the Scottish DJ for being petty and trying to get back at Swift. The drama between the two female superstars first began when Swift called out an unnamed mean girl during a Rolling Stone interview in 2014. Perry later confirmed their issues when she told a fan that she was still waiting for Swift to apologize. Asked if she would ever agree to a duet with Swift, Perry responded, “If she says sorry, sure!” With Harris’s recent announcement, it looks like there’s no chance of reconciliation for this celebrity relationship — or friendship.

Sometimes, celebrity break-ups don’t exactly lead to smooth interactions down the line. What are some ways to deal with an ex who is purposely trying to hurt you post-break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

This celebrity break-up just took a turn for the worse! If you, like Swift, are dealing with an ex who may be purposely trying to hurt you post-break-up, consider the love advice below as you figure out how best to handle their behavior:

1. Remove yourself from the situation: Avoid your ex at all costs. Spend some time alone, or invite your friends over instead of going out. Delete your ex on social media — or if it’s easier, just stay off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a few days. Remember that your former partner can’t hurt you if you’re not in their line of fire.

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2. Focus on you: After any break-up, it’s important to take care of yourself. Start a new exercise routine. Learn how to cook. Reconnect with old friends. Clean your house. Read a good book. Do whatever makes you feel better and try to forget about your ex!

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3. Be the bigger person: It’s time to rise above their petty behavior, no matter how difficult it may be. Whatever you do, don’t bash your ex or give into their taunts. If friends ask how you’re handling your split, tell them you’re moving on. And if your former partner reaches out, ignore them until they can play nice.

Do you have any other ways to deal with an ex who’s purposely trying to hurt you post-split? Tell us in the comments below!