They may be broken up, but Jesse James won’t stay too far from Sandra Bullock.  The TV personality told TMZ last weekend that he will move into his Texas house so his ex-wife can stay closely involved in his kid’s lives.  James said his three children — from different women — want to remain close to the actress.  Regarding the future of his relationship with Bullock, with whom he is estranged from due to his infidelity, James told TMZ, “Whatever happens, happens.”  The move will take place after he returns to the U.S. after filming a special in Israel for the History Channel on a kibbutz.

Is there ever a good way to reconnect with an ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Assuming that James is looking to re-develop his relationship with Bullock, here are a few pointers he might find handy:

1. Make sure reconciliation is mutual: In order to successfully make peace after a break, both parties must be willing to work on re-building their bond.  Forcing someone to love you will only push him or her away further.

2. Accept responsibility: There is no excuse for bad behavior.  Don’t try to turn the tables and blame it on your partner.  Accept and admit to your error.

3. Time: Allow your partner the time and space they need to think about the relationship on their own.  Time may not heal all pains, but it helps.